What even is Valentines Day? Who knew it was such an exciting mystery?

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Everyone knows that 14th February is Valentines Day but what is it really even about? I'll put my hand up and admit I had no clue apart from the obvious and a sweet memory when as a 13-year old I got a Valentines Day card in the mail with someone declaring their love for me and promising to introduce themselves at the next school dance (they didn't). So as someone who sells Valentines gift boxes and isn't up with the play I decided it was time to find out for myself!

And it seems fitting that the actual origins of Valentine's day are in fact quite mysterious. Valentine was actually a Saint (there are three St Valentines). According to legend, Valentine was a priest who on hearing the decree that marriage was outlawed for young men, as single men were better suited to be soldiers than those married and with children, defied the law and carried out marriages in secret. Until he was found out and ordered to be put to death.

Other stories say that Valentine was imprisoned and on falling for the jailer's daughter sent her a letter signing it "From your Valentine". Whilst the true origins of Valentines Day is unknown, by the middle ages, St Valentine was one of the most popular Saints in France and England.

Valentines Day began to be celebrated in the 17th Century and by the 18th Century, it was common for friends and lovers to write small handwritten notes of affection or small gifts. It was in the 19th Century that printed cards became popular and quickly replaced handwritten notes. It is estimated that today 1 billion Valentines Day cards are sold each year, second only to Christmas.

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