How to add value to your business with corporate gifts

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Should businesses partake in corporate gifting? Believe it or not, this question has been a focus of academic study with results being published in International Journals. This article attempts to cover the finer details of adding value to your business through personalised corporate gifts.

Corporate gift giving is not a stand alone activity and should be seen as part of a business's marketing strategy used alongside their other promotional activities. When used well, corporate gifting results in stronger relationships with customers, enhances goodwill as well as promoting the business.

Fan (2006) states that a corporate gift with a logo remains longer in a person's memory then the spoken word and may tip the balance in a purchasing decision. The business logo plays an important role in keeping the business in a person's mind. This is not to say that the logo should be on all the contents - rather personalised solutions should be sought incorporating the business's logo and colours and where appropriate on contents.  As a guide logos on corporate gifts should be reserved for those that are utilitarian otherwise you run the risk of the gift not being a gift at all.  

It is vital that the gift is appropriate both in terms of enhancing the corporate image and how it adds value to both the business and customer relationship.  A badly thought out corporate gift may do more damage than good if a gift is deemed inappropriate to the recipient, situation or relationship e.g. excessive or too low in value, or a personal item such as lingerie. So the challenge is to gift appropriately whilst also maintaining a personal touch. It is important to review corporate gift ideas to ensure that they add value to your business.

Corporate gift boxes, baskets and hampers keep a business in the recipient's mind as they enjoy the contents, enabling a warmth to be associated with the business, resulting in an increased positive experience and feeling acknowledged as a valued customer. This can further be enhanced by the person dealing with the customer personally giving the gift to the customer - strengthening the impact of the gift and leaving a lasting impression.  

Giving the right corporate gift can result in increased loyalty, referral and growth - a valuable tool in meeting a businesses marketing objectives.

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Fan, Y (2006) 'Promoting Business with Corporate Gifts - Major Issues and Empirical Evidence' in Corporate Communication: An International Journal, 11:1

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