Choosing a Real Estate Settlement Gift That Your Clients Will Love and Remember

Posted by Kiri Hider on

Having worked closely with vendors and purchasers over a period of time, real estate agents are in a unique position of having valuable insights about their client's interests, family and style. This information is valuable and enables an appropriate gift to be chosen that is both personal and unique - showing that have you paid attention to who they are. 

Flowers and a bottle of wine were once standard housewarming gifts but settlement gifts have now moved to a new level of sophistication with the gift lasting well beyond the housewarming period. It is this type of gift that reminds the client of you when they are using it - making sure that you stay at the forefront of their minds. 

It is important that the settlement gift is about your client. Promotional material on gifts run the risk of being seen as tacky - let the gift speak for itself. Including your business card with the gift is fine as well as including a sticker on the back of an item. But the gift should be something that a person feels proud to have on display or use in their new home. 

Settlement gifts act as a way to say a thank you to them for having chosen you as their agent, an appreciation of working with them and a celebration of a successful sale and/or purchase. The right gift leaves them with a positive reminder of their experience of your working relationship and optimally will aid in referrals.

It is worth considering when to give the settlement gift. People are excited on closing a sale, therefore, a gift at this stage may not have optimal impact. Moving day is also a time where people are busy and stressed. Ideally, give the gift in person a week or two after the closing day or after they have settled into their new home. This is an ideal opportunity to catch up, reconnect and show them that you valued them with a gift. It is also a great opportunity to discuss referrals and future real estate needs.

It is worth remembering that if you are giving clients gifts the gift needs to reflect who they are. There is no point in giving a bottle of wine to someone who does not drink or a clock with your logo on it that they would not want to display. The wrong gift will not add value to you or your brand. Read our article here on how to add value to your business through corporate gifts, the value of a good gift and their ability to increase loyalty, referral, and growth.  

Boxsmith's strength is working with you to ensure that your settlement gifts add value to your business. We work with New Zealand businesses to produce premium gift boxes that are memorable, valued and modern. We will work with your business to create a unique gift solution that is meaningful and represents your style and image. From incorporating your logo and branding, designing a corporate gift around a specific theme, sourcing specific products - we’ll make it happen (and handle it all). 

Contact us here or email us today to see how we can partner together to make beautiful, memorable housewarming gifts and settlement gifts.





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