Why support New Zealand small businesses?

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Early on we made a decision to support New Zealand businesses - everything Boxsmith stocks in our gift boxes is from a small NZ business. This includes the packaging, gifts and everything in between. Is it an easy choice? Yes and no! It certainly is a no brainer that by supporting local businesses we all grow and support each other. I like the sense of community and relationships Boxsmith has built with our suppliers. They are all great people and that is the bonus of being in business - you can choose who you work with. So for a product to be included in our online gift range not only must they be a NZ business, they must also be great people :) and their business be ethical - no nasties, no animal testing, nothing harmful to you, me or the environment. 

NZ Entrepreneur recently wrote an article on why our small businesses are a big deal. A staggering 97% of NZ businesses are small businesses (20 employees or less). When you consider employment and our economy it is amazing to think we are so reliant on small businesses. The article outlines how New Zealand small businesses support healthy towns and communities; keep profits in NZ, helps spread the wealth and lastly how we are innovators and breeders for big business.  

Earlier on I alluded to the fact that it is not an easy choice.  There is such a wealth of products available made cheaply in China. I could stock them - it would be easy, the range is vast and at times it would be considerably cheaper. But my heart is not there. I love New Zealand and what we have to offer.  It is not easy to be a small business here and compete against overseas imports.  But I truly believe our products are superior in terms of quality and ingredients.  And everytime I place an item in a gift box or corporate gift I know we are both supporting and showcasing everyday New Zealand businesses. And I love that!

Our range of online NZ gift boxes provide a beautiful alternative to gift hampers and baskets. Alternatively you can personalise your gift using our build your own box service. Boxsmith also specialise in corporate gifts - adding value to your business.

When you buy from a small business an actual person does a little happy dance quote in Boxsmith blog called "Why support NZ small businesses?"

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    I love this well done! we sure do happy dance!

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