The Rules of Corporate Gifting

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Corporate gifting should be no different from any other area of your business's objectives when dealing with customers or clients.  Building and nurturing strong relationships and exceeding expectations are integral components of any business. Your corporate gifting program should reflect that. 

How much should I spend on corporate gifts?

When giving clients corporate gifts the aim is to show gratitude for the relationship you have rather than the amount of money they spend with your business. Spending too much on a gift can raise concerns that you are trying to buy your customers business so be aware and spend appropriately. 

Do I put our company logo on the items?

Gift giving is about thanking people whom you have a business relationship with -  it is not about promoting your business. We all have received a gift with a logo on it only to store it in a cupboard and never use it. In those situations, the opportunity to wow and leave a positive lasting impression on a person has been lost. Gifts should be items that people love to use and have on display. You can add your logo tastefully to the gift tag or personalise the gift box using your company colours. Handwriting a note shows a thoughtful, considered and personal approach to gifting.

When do I give corporate gifts?

Corporate gifts should be part of your wider marketing plan. Christmas is traditionally the time where corporate gifts are given however to make an incredibly memorable gift consider other occasions or events that your customers experience. These acknowledgements when least expected show consideration, care and thought. Consider having your corporate gifts hand-delivered by the person who has the relationship with them. This is another way to show how much you value your customer.

What do we give as a gift?

Consider noting clients preferences to ensure that gift giving is appropriate for example there is little to be gained from giving a customer alcohol if they do not drink. By noting their preferences gift giving can be personalised and meaningful. If you are using a Customer Relationship Management Program you can use this to capture the information.

Otherwise design a gift that reflects your brand, values and occasion. For example, a settlement gift from a real estate agent would have items that would be used in the clients new home and put on display such as a beautiful candle or diffuser, luxury hand soap and even personalised thank you cookies.


Corporate gifting is a powerful part of a businesses toolkit. Talk to us today to see how we can help add value to your business - whether it is a gift for 10 or 200 we will sort it for you, personalise it and ensure it is something your business will feel proud to give.






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