Mini Love You Mum

Mini Love You Mum

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Because sometimes small gifts are the best! Our mini Love You Mum gift box is a beautiful way to say thinking of you and thank you.

Lip Balme - a deeply nourishing, all natural Beeswax Lip Balme to soothe and condition dry and chapped lips. The Beeswax Lip Balme is packaged in a metal tin inside a petal wrap gift box, crafted from assorted upcycled papers and finished with a pale blue Anoint wax seal.

Linden Leaves Crystal Crush Handcream - 

Aromatherapy Synergy Cleaning Bar -

Tamara Shower Bomb - luxuriate in shower bliss. This deliciously fragrant shower bomb uplifts and rejuvenates.  Pop one into the shower where the warm water releases the wonderful perfume, breath in and relax! Individually made in New Zealand.

Wash Cloth - 100% Turkish Cotton wash cloth, soft with a full pile in a dove grey tone finishes off this little but very generous gift box.

Or create your own unique gift box with our build your own gift box service.