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Gluten Free Sweet Treats

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Our gluten-free gift box will impress any and every sweet tooth! Filled with our favourite sweet treats that also are gluten-free - win/win! Featuring chocolates, marshmallows, sweets, fudge and drinking chocolate - this sweet gift box will be well received!

Sugar Sin Gummie Rosé - soft gummies infused with real Rosé, blended with a hint of strawberry and sprinkled with sour sugar crystals. 

Champagne Bears - these gummy bears are made with Moet and Chandon Champagne and are the perfect treat Noon, Evening and Night!

Bennetto Chocolate - a vibrant, pure dark chocolate with 75% cocoa. Organic, fairtrade, vegan & carbon neutral with simple ingredients - does chocolate get any better than this?

West Coast Deluxe Hot Cocoa - UTZ certified so you can feel good treating yourself to this rich & complex hot chocolate.

Dutch Cocoa & Vanilla Bean Marshmallows - whipped to a spongey deliciousness, this marshmallow fulfils all the criteria for an out of this world treat!

Bennetto Chocolate Mini Bar - Fairtrade, organic, & vegan this chocolate is a favourite of ours not only for the ethical way they craft their chocolate but also for the sublime taste. 

Fudge Bar - handcrafted by the wonderful team at the Fudge Cottage using fresh New Zealand milk and cream combined with carefully selected natural ingredients to create fudge that satisfies the senses and brings a smile to the lips of young and old alike.