Nibbles to go Snack Board
Nibbles to go Snack Board

Nibbles to go Snack Board

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This platter and nibbles is a great gifting solution.  A perfect corporate thank you recognition gift, morning tea shout for the team, for the foodie, from the family, make a statement, got to take something to the party gift  -  the 30x30cm square serving tray is complete with 4 utensils in a hidden storage compartment, with a selection of New Zealand snacks to compliment.

Tempa  30x30cm Serving Platter 

The Fisherman Pickle- from award winning Taste of the Alps 

Health DIscovery Crackers - Gluten free, Keto and Paleo

Three Fig Selection - Te Mata Figs produces this delightful selection of three fig condiments, perfect for any platter.

Honey Roasted Nuts  -  Just the addition to a great snack plate

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