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How lucky will the person receiving this feel?!  Brimming with the most beautiful products, the Indulgence Gift Box is an experience of self-pampering and care - an opportunity to relax, unwind and take that precious time out to look after one's self. The ultimate gift for her.

Hand and Body Lotion   -  generous 300ml pump bottle of luxurious Linden Leaves  Hand and Body Lotion.  A natural skin lotion infused with nourishing almond and kiwifruit oil, crisp notes of verbena and bergamot with a touch of freesia and woody cedar.  

Hand and Body Wash  -  match the lotion in refreshing Green Verbena with a 300ml nurturing natural flowing soap infused with soothing chamomile.  Gentle care for all skin types the perfect daily treat.

Shower Bursts - for a truly luxurious and therapeutic spa-like experience elevate your shower time to a whole new level.  Infused with luxurious scents of essential oils indulge your senses, choose from 5 different blends, breathe in the fragrance and breathe out the stress.  Relax - Breathe - Serenity - Clarity - Invigorate

Pulse Point Perfume - Therapy range pulse point with essential oils, unwind and slow down with this sweet serene blend of peppermint and lavender to calm the mind and balance the body.

FLWR Hand Cream - The Aromatherapy Company delivers a delightful hand cream in refreshing Jasmine.

Artisan Soap - made in Dunedin this cold process soap is naturally rich in hydrating glycerin & skin indulgent oils. The use of goats milk & silk gives the soap a luxurious feel making it a richly moisturising soap suitable for all skin types.


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