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Vegan Foodie Gift Box

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A food gift box designed especially for vegans featuring some of our all-time favourite artisan food producers. 

Chocolate Almond Butter - our favourite new find and it is divine! Containing lightly roasted almonds blended with dark chocolate (50% solids) it's rich, dark and delicious. No preservatives, added salt or oil. Gluten-free and vegan.

Canterbury Linseed Oatcakes - winner of the 2016 Cuisine Artisan Award winner, Boxsmith are proud to include Bonnies Oatcakes in our gift boxes. Rolling some of the finest linseed from Canterbury in with their original dough has resulted in a nuttier flavour with a bit more crunch. Wheat free, dairy free, GMO-free, no added sugar, preservative free and vegan.

Bennetto Chocolate  Bar - Fairtrade, organic, & vegan this chocolate is a favourite of ours not only for the ethical way they craft their chocolate but also for the sublime taste. Vegan.

Bennetto Mini Chocolate Bar - same awesome approach but this time Raspberry flavoured (my favourite). Vegan.

Black Pepper Peanuts - pepper and salty peanuts roasted in salt and tossed in New York cut pepper. Vegan.

The Fisherman Bread & Butter Pickle - made in Wanaka, this pickle is the perfect accompaniment to a cheeseboard or a picnic. Vegan.

Blonde ColaGold Medal and Champion Beverage Award. Indulge in a world-first Blonde Cola. Blonde because all the nasty stuff out is left out, putting more of the good back in, to create the apex of colas. It blends perfectly with real cola nuts, ginger, lemons, cinnamon, spices, rosemary and lavender. It packs a cola punch whilst low in sugar and caffeine. And no corrosive phosphoric acid that those other guys put in it. Certified organic, all-natural, vegan.