Christmas - how to beat the stress!

Posted by Kiri Hider on

The countdown to the end of the year suddenly feels very real. Christmas is coming fast and if you are anything like me your head is feeling full of things to do to, Christmas gifts to buy and getting ready for Christmas and New Years! Which made me wonder... what's the most stress-free approach to Christmas?

1. Plan early and delegate. Are you having a Christmas dinner at your house? No need for you to do everything split the menu and get everyone to pitch in with food. 

2. Don't buy into the stress and busy-ness of the Christmas season. Christmas is a time for family and relaxation. Do Christmas your way - and put your needs at the top of the list!

3. Consider using a food delivery service for Christmas! My Food Bag has a meal just for Christmas.

4. Re-jig your Christmas gifting! Instead of having to buy for everyone, get your family together and put your names in the hat, allocate a budget everyone agrees to and buy for one! Less stress, less money and so much easier to get the ideal gift.

5. Let us at Boxsmith help! We have a selection of gift boxes to choose from or you can build your own Christmas gift box. Just let us know your message and when you would like it delivered. We will take care of the rest!

6. Enjoy! 


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