The ultimate food gift box & food gift hamper - perfect gift for him or Christmas gift box. A foodie delight and a modern alternative to food baskets.
Food gift box & food Gift hamper with easy delivery NZ wide. Featuring award winning and leading NZ food producers this is the ultimate gift idea for the foodie

Foodie Fanatics

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The ultimate gift box for the foodie in your life - the contents double as the ultimate barbecue accompaniment. Featuring award-winning producers this food hamper is filled to the brim with amazing NZ tastes - it is sure to keep on impressing! If you want a gift they will love - this is it! 

Bloody Mary Sauce - ripe tomatoes seasoned with sea salt, distilled white vinegar, a little Worcestershire Sauce, celery seed, rounded off with a splash of sherry and Chilli Pepper Sauce. Great with bacon, homemade burgers, fish & chips, and in pasta sauce.

Chipotle Sauce -  a premium Manuka smoked, chipotle sauce. Perfect for use on any meat, pizza, Mexican dish, pasta, or as an ingredient in cooking.

Morepork Sauce - this smoky sauce is seriously addictive and what's better is it's natural, gluten free & vegan. 

Beer Sticks - 100% NZ wild venison deer sticks - with Gathered Games unique GPS tagging system you can track your own batch of handcrafted salami back to the exact location of the wild deer which created it.

Soda Press Syrup - It is no wonder the Soda Press Co win awards for their syrups - they use only premium natural and organic ingredients with organic brown rice syrup made via a small batch, slow-brew process. This nifty innovation allows the delivery of bold flavours with 40-50% less sugar than your average syrup - with no ugly numbers included.

Wild Fennel Pig & Chicken seasonings - These guys know how to make the best seasonings so much so they have won an award for it. Versatile & tasty these are sure to become a favourite. 

Black Pepper Peanuts - delicious pepper and salty peanuts roasted in salt and tossed in New York Cut Pepper. *These replace the Lemongrass Cashews pictured*

Tea Towel - a modern touch microfibre tea towel in Taupe or dark grey great for cleaning more than just the dishes.