Boxsmith Gift Boxes - The gift for her to ask Will you be my. A modern gift box filled with delicious Seriously Good Chocolate, soothing organic sugar scrub, luxurious lip balm. Easy Delivery NZ Wide
Boxsmith NZ Gift Boxes - Gift for her to ask Will you be my - delicious Seriously Good Chocolate - soothing organic sugar scrub - luxurious lip balm - Easy Delivery NZ Wide
NZ Gift Boxes from Boxsmith - Sugar Cube Co's organic scrub leaves skin silky soft - Easy Delivery NZ Wide

Mini Will you be my...

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What better way to ask your dearest friend to be that special person for you than with a pre-curated gift box? Whether the question be ‘Will you be my bridesmaid’, ‘Will you be my Maid of Honour’ or some other equally special question, this is the perfect gift. Included in this beautiful gift box is our favourite scrub from Sugar Cube Co, luxury MOR Lip Macaron and the cutest box of chocolates. Also included is a card 'Will you be my...' - let us know what you want to write and we will fill it in for you. 

Alternatively, contact us to create your own unique Will you be… Gift Box with our build your own box service. We are happy to create a box that reflects you - talk to us today!

Pink Grapefruit Glow Organic Sugar Scrub - Invigorate with a blend of organic, raw and coconut sugar goodness infused with cold pressed pink grapefruit and orange oils, plus natural coconut and jojoba oil. Our favourite scrub is a treat for your skin and senses. This is a shower must-have! It will leave your skin silky soft and glowing. All natural and no nasties or animal testing.

Seriously Good Chocolate Collection - not only is the packaging sublime, the chocolates are too. A beautiful indulgent treat featuring Toffee Dome, Pinot Noir Dome, Salty Caramel Baton and Nutty Praline Bite.

Anoint Beeswax Lip Balme - a nourishing treat for lips with a rich combination of nourishing beeswax, almond, olive and coconut oil to leave lips lusciously soft and supple.

'Will you be...' Greeting Card - let us know what you want to be written and we will look after it for you!