It's Christmas
It's Christmas

It's Christmas

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This is really Christmas - the twinkle of seed lights and table top tree, bubbly bear crackers, chocolate, gingerbread tree & stars topped off with a chocolate pudding. Make Christmas day a little bit special for someone on their own or to share.

Frosted Table Top Tree and 2metre champagne seed lights- 15cm seed light star topped tree and a string of seed lights sure to make your presence felt even though you cannot be there. (batteries included)

Bubbly Bears and Beer Bears Crackers  -  Sugar Crave gummie bears in a cracker, what a treat for the table.

Dark Chocolate Steam Pudding  -  A modern twist to bring back memories of Christmas pud - Posh Food yes.

Gingerbread Tree and Stars  -  Spicy little gingerbread cookies from Molly Whoppy ideal with a coffee.

Top it off with Chocolate -  Very special Salted Caramel  Chocolate from the Seriously Good Chocolate Company  -  Enjoy!