When someone steals your ideas - a rant! #originalnotcopied

Posted by Kiri Hider on

I have watched it happen to others time and time again - an idea, a look or a product copied and produced by someone else. There is even a term for it kleptomnesia (I have some other terms I would like to use). Low and behold last week I found that someone had used Boxsmith as their personal shopping list to stock their own gift box business and also taken their look from another competitor including some of their products. Now they say copying someone is a form of flattery but I disagree - it is intellectual theft.

When I started product searching for my own gift box business I purposely stayed away from all competitors gift hamper & gift basket sites - people kept telling me to look at them but I did not want to because I did not want to become subconsciously or consciously influenced by their look or product. Definitely, after my product list was made and stocked I looked to see how I stacked up. But that process of sourcing products took months - I even travelled both the North and South Island to find the best of the best. It was my investment in being original, true to my beliefs and style. Now don't get me wrong - New Zealand is a very small place and lots of us do have similar or the same products somewhere in our collections. The difference is how we present them, what we put them with, how we put our own spin on them.

But to almost copy something to the point where a person would have difficulty seeing it was not mine is just low. So here I am writing a rant about how I feel about it but there is a spin-off - it has increased my determination to keep bringing you the best online gifts NZ has to offer - to be a leader, not a follower. To always put you, the customer at the forefront of our purchasing decisions. You will always get original not copied gift boxes with Boxsmith - it is just how we roll! It has also made me increasingly want to seek and support those original creators. 

So please be assured that when you look on our site you will find pre-curated gift collections that have been put together with thought and love.

P.S. And also my prices were much better :)

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